Natural System

Regain your confidence with a natural looking hair piece through Gent’s Place’s Natural System! Feel and appreciate the benefits that a monofilament top brings. With the super fine monofilament fiber as base material, you are guaranteed of product strength and durability without thinking about short-time wear failure. In the medical field, this same material of the monofilament is used to test the sense of touch. Therefore, with such material, you are assured that even when you have your hair gear on, you will still feel and will be sensitive to the stimuli from the environment. The Natural System is see through that no one would notice you are wearing any hair piece.

Enumerated below are the marvellous benefits that you can gain from the Natural System which is only offered by the Gent’s Place:

  • The front is reinforced polyskin (with or without scallop)
  • Fine monofilament top – This material gives you that natural look while wearing the Natural System on.
  • Poly coating on mesh circumference – Benefit from the quality of the hair piece that is durable and strong, you do not have to worry about immediate wear and tear.
  • Ventilated for comfort – Do not sacrifice comfort with a wonderful hair piece. The Natural System does exactly what you need, it has good ventilation. So no matter what your lifestyle is, you can wear this hair piece any time.
  • Made for any type of hair – So regardless of the volume, length and amount of fullness your existing hair is, the Natural System can be adjusted to your type of hair.
  • Base material colors: flesh, brown, black, clear, pink, yellow, light reddish brown, or any shade of your preference
  • Custom made to your hair color, high light, and per cent gray content
  • Hair fibers are completely stitched by hand


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  Human or Synthetic Hair 2 for only $549 or $300 each.
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Hair Replacement System and Hair Pieces

Hi Robert,

I have been a client of Gent's Place for about 8 years. The following summarizes my experience: Service has always been courteous, friendly, and prompt. Unit's base and hair are made with top grade materials and the workmanship is excellent. Prices are most reasonable around the world while still maintaining quality. I give Gent's Place my best recommendation.