iStar System

Choose your preferred lace material with the iStar System! The base materials of the lace can be made with Swiss Lace, French Lace, or New York lace. The iStar has finger lace front which are absolutely unnoticeable! There are slight differences among these types of lace materials. It is really just a matter of preference. Choose the Swiss lace if you want your base to be very thin, fine and fragile. This authentic lace made in Switzerland can actually blend with your skin tone. Choose the French lace if you are a new user of the iStar System. The French lace is slightly thicker as compared to the Swiss lace but is more durable. So that you will not experience the glitches of a hair piece first time user, it is recommended that you initially get the iStar with French lace as material.

  • Invisible finger lace front.
  • Natural hairline – Because of the intrinsic characteristics of the lace materials, you are assured of showing off a natural look.
  • Polycoated sides
  • Choose to have bleached knots or none at all
  • Brush to whichever direction – Feel the authenticity of your locks through the iStar System, getting the hair style of your preference and mood.
  • Part on your left or right side
  • Made manually – Feel special and important with the manual stitching and creation of your hair piece. This guarantees high precision in quality because it is made by hand.
  • Undetectable base – Enjoy the comfort and ooze with confidence when you wear the iStar system.
  • Made for any type of hair – We do not like defaults, so let us adjust to your type of hair and your hair condition needs.
  • Good ventilation – Feel hot. Feel cool. Feel humid. Whatever the weather is, you surely will get a taste of it even when wearing the iStar System.
  • No need to consult an expert for maintenance.
  • Custom-made to your hair color, highlight and % gray content

Choose Lace Material
Swiss Lace
French Lace
Fine Welded Mono

Authentic Swiss Lace.
The highest quality.
Made in Switzerland.

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Hair Replacement System and Hair Pieces

Hi Robert,

I have been a client of Gent's Place for about 8 years. The following summarizes my experience: Service has always been courteous, friendly, and prompt. Unit's base and hair are made with top grade materials and the workmanship is excellent. Prices are most reasonable around the world while still maintaining quality. I give Gent's Place my best recommendation.