Integration System

Are you in dire need for a hair loss solution? Do you feel like renewing everything about your look including your hairstyle but do not know where and how to start? Is your hectic schedule getting in to the way?

The solution to your worries is here! Gent’s Place offers you the perfect hair enhancement in the means of the Integration System. Integration system is the modern technique of adding volume, body, and length to your existing hair.

The Integration System's unique way of getting things done can be attested through the following features:

  • Natural hairline – because the Integration system is a hair enhancement, you can never go wrong with noticeable polyester base
  • Polyskin front – choose between having scallop or none
  • Wide net base – take your pick from a 1/8-inch or ½-inch web-like cap
  • Hand tied fibers – with a manually done Integration system, you are assured of precise stitching
  • Poly coated perimeter
  • Base material colors include clear, flesh, pink, black, brown, light reddish brown, yellow, or any other shade of your preference
  • Made for any type of hair – whatever type of hair you have, the Integration System can suit your needs and wants
  • Custom made to your hair color, highlight, and per cent gray content
1/8" (32 mm) 1/2" (127 mm)

The Integration System is non surgical, so you do not have to be anxious about surgery related phobia, or the like. As it is, the Integration System is easy to wear and put on. You are secured of the polyskin fit, and its versatility.

There are indeed numerous benefits that you can get from the Integration System. However, the one that tops the rest is that its being “lifestyle-specific”. Meaning, however busy you are at work, or anything, the Integration System can stand up to an active way of living, and still projecting completely unnoticeable.


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  Human or Synthetic Hair 2 for only $549 or $300 each.
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Hair Replacement System and Hair Pieces

Hi Robert,

I have been a client of Gent's Place for about 8 years. The following summarizes my experience: Service has always been courteous, friendly, and prompt. Unit's base and hair are made with top grade materials and the workmanship is excellent. Prices are most reasonable around the world while still maintaining quality. I give Gent's Place my best recommendation.