Genuine System

Restore the feeling of having authentic locks with the Genuine System! Experience how a monofilament top can assure you of tested durability and strength without worrying about short-time wear. As the primary material for this non-surgical hair replacement, monofilament has been used in medicine to test the sense of touch, hence you are guaranteed of a soft, supple, sensitive, and subtle attachment. The Genuine System is clear as crystal, no one would know you are wearing one! You can enjoy the authenticity of your desired crowning glory anytime of the day!

Below are the amazing benefits you can get from our Genuine System:

  • Super fine monofilament top – As it implies, the base of this Genuine System is super fine monofilament. Be assured of an almost invisible attachment with the Genuine System.
  • Poly coating on mesh circumference – Experience the durability and security from poly coating that has been tried and tested.
  • Ventilated for comfort ­– Yes, ease of use. And enjoy the luxury of wearing fresh cool air on your scalp. You do not have to suffer from the distress of humidity.
  • Hair fibers are completely stitched by hand – With the manual labour of ensuring that the hair fibers are attached, you are guaranteed of a reliable needlecraft – no machine miss-out.
  • Brush to whichever direction – Do not get limited with one hair direction! With the Genuine System, you can actually wear your desired hair-do!
  • Part on your left or right side
  • No need to consult an expert for maintenance ­– Do your thing without the hassle of going to your hair expert!
  • Base material colors: clear, flesh, pink, black, brown, light reddish, yellow or any color you prefer
  • With or without scalloped front
  • Made for any type of hair
  • Custom-made to your hair color, highlight and percent gray content – Definitely, you can freely express yourself with Genuine System!


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  Human or Synthetic Hair 2 for only $549 or $300 each.
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Hair Replacement System and Hair Pieces

Hi Robert,

I have been a client of Gent's Place for about 8 years. The following summarizes my experience: Service has always been courteous, friendly, and prompt. Unit's base and hair are made with top grade materials and the workmanship is excellent. Prices are most reasonable around the world while still maintaining quality. I give Gent's Place my best recommendation.